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Meet Bartie!

The Green Team’s mascot is Bartie the Squirrel! Bartie leads all of our green-themed activities and we’re sure that he’s going to be a hit with both younger and older guests alike.

Join Bartie on his Woodland Walk and follow a series of pathways through the woodland to discover all the different species of trees in our beautiful grounds. On each tree of interest, you’ll find a secret door at its base and behind each door, you’ll discover all the fascinating details and history that surround the tree. We also have a couple of top-secret places that Bartie has suggested, where you can stop, take a rest and soak up the atmosphere of our wonderful woodland.

You can also explore Bartie’s Rockery Garden. Originally a private garden created for the Birley family who were the original owners of the house, this gorgeous garden is 150 years old and is the perfect place to stop for a picnic or just relax and admire the scenery.

Green Tourism Business Scheme

As part of our commitment to all things green, we are a proud to be a member of the Green Tourism Business Scheme and we currently hold a Bronze award based on our level of achievement to date. Businesses opting to join Green Tourism are assessed by a qualified grading advisor against a rigorous set of criteria, covering a range of areas, including energy and water efficiency, waste management, biodiversity and more.

Our Environmental Policy

Our goal is to run our business in a way that has the least amount of impact on the environment as possible.” Andrew Haworth, Director

Our commitments toward the environment include:

  • Complying with the Government’s environmental legislation and approved codes of practice
  • Continuously seeking to improve our environmental and social performance
  • Reducing chemical consumption and waste
  • Reducing the use of energy, water and non-recyclable materials
  • Raising awareness, encouraging participation and training employees in sustainable business practices
  • Communicating with suppliers and contractors for similar environmental standards and ideas
  • Assisting customers to use products, services and travel in an environmentally sensitive way
  • Liaising with the local community to raise environmental awareness
  • Minimising of risks associated with social and environmental issues
  • Limiting the noise within and around the site
  • Increasing the use of recyclable and renewable materials
  • Implementing new practices to increase wild life population

What we have achieved so far:

  • We have installed a large proportion of low energy and long life light bulbs
  • All heating and hot water system are regularly maintained and set at optimum comfort and energy consumption levels.
  • We recycle paper, cardboard, glass, batteries and cooking oils.
  • We have formed a Green Team which investigates and initiates ways to reduce energy and wastage from hotel operations and to increase recycling.
  • We use local tradespeople and companies for property maintenance and operation
  • We are a member of the Green Tourism Business Scheme

If you have any suggestions about how we can become even “greener”, we would love to hear from you.

Being a Green Visitor

At Bartle Hall Hotel, we are aware that making smarter choices can help reduce negative effects on the environment. As a guest, we ask for your help in becoming a more environmentally friendly business.

Here are some tips to help you become a greener guest:

Preserving Energy

  • Please switch off the lights when leaving your room
  • Close windows when the heating is in use
  • Only use the amount of water required when boiling the kettle
  • If charging electrical equipment, please unplug once charged

Give the car a rest

  • Leave the car behind, if only for a day
  • When at Bartle Hall Hotel with colleagues, share a vehicle

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Please leave any cardboard, glass or broken electrical items by the bin in the bedroom for housekeeping to recycle
  • Please use water wisely
  • Turning the tap off while brushing your teeth saves water
  • Have a shower instead of a bath Respect


  • Use footpaths responsibly
  • Help us to look after the wildlife and landscape by not littering

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